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Best Uganda Car Rental Offer

Uganda is a very popular tourism destination in a Africa and even worldwide with plenty of different attractions such as the landscapes and it’s unique wild nature. We have come up with a new stratagem to make it easier for you to explore the country.  Uganda car rental offer is now here to ensure you have an adventurous trip to Uganda at very cheap and un beatable prices. This works especially when you have hired our vehicle for more than twenty days and even when you make reservations and bookings and pay before your travel dates.

 Our car rental offer option will obviously save you from using big amounts of money to travel even when not on your own pace. We therefore advise you to choose your desired car, book from us and make a deposit of 30% before your date of travel and we shall of course reserve it for you at cheaper rates.

With our car rental services, you are now able to travel comfortably and at your own pace while exploring the beautiful landscapes of Uganda. We have well trained expert drivers who can guide you and give you all the assistance needed while on your trip. We have a variety of well-maintained cars that can in all ways suit your needs at a very friendly rate. Your safety is our top priority and that is the reason why we advise you to opt for car rental  Uganda with a driver. 

Why rent from us

Free Air port transfers

airport transfer

We offer airport transfer options for our travelers who have made reservations and paid in advance for cars with a driver. This is always accompanied with comfortable and convenient transportation from the airport to the desired destinations. Our drivers are very friendly and well versed with all corners of the country  and can advise you on what route to use and best times to travel.

Free Car delivery

With our car delivery service, travelers are able to have a vehicle delivered to their desired location. Whether arriving at the airport or receiving the car at a hotel, we do this for you to ensure a hassle-free experience. After reserving a car with  us you can have it  delivered to you at any time anywhere making it easier for you to explore the beautiful landscape.

uganda car rental offer

Uganda car rental with a driver

car rental wit a drier

Renting a car in Uganda with a driver is becoming a popular and convenient car rental option  where by you rent a car with a driver guide who takes you through Uganda’s destinations and remote areas of the country. Our drivers are well versed with  all corners of the country and can as well brief you about the Ugandan culture. Car rental Uganda with a driver is widely spread in the country due to the  extra services added by the driver such as ; With a driver, there is no need for you to be stressed of driving through terrains, competing with traffic jam, Uganda car rental with a driver will save you from getting lost  while on you trip since  our drivers have gone to almost all the destinations in Uganda. All drivers speak frequent English

Self drive Uganda car rental

Self drive car rental Uganda is a popular car hire Uganda option in the country favoring those travelers who would like to explore Uganda on their own pace.  With self drive  car rental Uganda, you can choose where to go and when to go.

Are you planning to visit Uganda’s national parks, A business trip or you want to have a city tour through Kampala? Self drive car hire Uganda is here to make your dream come true. We have got the best self drive cars that will meet your needs at a very cheap and affordable price. Get yourself a very strong car that will overcome all the terrains and give a rewarding self-drive experience in a foreign country.

Best self drive cars for hire Uganda include Land cruiser V8, Land cruiser GX, Land cruiser TX/TZ, Toyota Rav4. Self drive car rental Uganda will obviously give you a cost-effective option to explore Uganda’s diverse landscapes and attractions.

self drive

Budget-Friendly 4x4 Cars for Uganda car rental

Safari van/ tourist van

Uganda car rental offer-Safari van

Safari van also known as the tourist van is a very popular mode of transportation especially for budget travelers who would like to travel in groups. Our Safari vans are customized with popup roofs giving you a clear view of animals. Rent a safari van 9 sitter at only $90 per day. This price combines rental costs and driver charges.

Toyota Rav4

Toyota rav4

Toyota Rav4 is a compact crossover SUV available for hire with a four-wheel drive feature which makes it able to overcome the terrains and poor road conditions in Uganda’s national parks and other remote areas. Get  your self a Rav4 at only $40 per day for self-drive and $60 with a driver per day.

Land cruiser TX/TZ

land cruiser TX

Land cruiser TX/TZ is a strong 4×4 vehicle with a very spacious interior. It’s comfort ability on and off  the road makes it more of a safari vehicle.It is one of the most affordable land cruiser cars available for hire in Uganda .  Rent this spacious vehicle at only $70 per day for self drive and $90 per day with a driver.

Camping car rental Uganda

Camping car rental Uganda is a very popular and convenient Uganda car rental option. This means that the car is rented with camping gear/equipment that you will use during your camping period in Uganda’s wilderness. Are you planning to explore Uganda’s beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife? We have got you the best camping car rental Uganda deals. You can choose to rent a car with a rooftop tent and camping gear or a car with a ground tent and camping gear.

We have a variety of cars to rent in Uganda among which are the luxurious cars. These spacious vehicles provide a premium and comfortable driving experience for those looking to explore the country in a VIP style.  Renting our luxurious car in Uganda allows you to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of having your own transportation while exploring  the country.

Land cruiser Hardtop

Land cruiser hardtop

Land cruiser hardtop also known as land cruiser Box body 70 series is a 4×4 station wagon designed to tamper with rough road conditions and all kinds of  off-road adventures. Its powerful engine and comfortable seats give you a stress free journey. Land cruiser hardtop is available for rental at only $100 per day for self-drive and $120 with a drive.

Land cruiser V8/VX

land cruiser V8

Land cruiser V8/VX is a  strong four-wheel drive vehicle with a well designed interior and on and off-road capabilities that make it an idle safari vehicle for the VIP travelers who would like to explore Uganda’s beautiful landscapes. This spacious vehicle can seat  about 7 passengers. Get yourself this Full-size SUV  at  only $80 per day for self-drive and $100 with a driver.

Land cruiser GX

Land cruiser GX

Land cruiser GX is a Full-size SUV designed for VIP travelers  looking forward to exploring Uganda’s beautiful landscapes. It gives a comfortable ride both on and off the road. Its  four-wheel drive feature gives it ability to conquer all kinds of road conditions and hence a perfect car for a Uganda safari. Rent a land cruiser GX at only $80 per day for self drive and $100 with a driver.

Best vehicles for Group car rental Uganda

We have big cars available for Uganda car rental and they can accommodate big families and travel groups at the most affordable rates in Uganda. Renting our group cars gives you a lot of  flexibility and  convenience as you can have a chance of designing and following your own itinerary since you wont have to rely on public transportation.

Land cruiser Extended

land cruiser extended

Land cruiser hardtop also called safari land cruiser is a very strong station wagon and the best  ideal car for a Uganda car rental. Its four-wheel drive feature, comfort ability on and off the road, the ability to  carry a group of seven passengers with enough space for their luggage and safari features such as the popup roof make it a very popular car rental option for Uganda Safari. Land cruiser extended is only available for car rental with a driver and not given on selfdrive. At only $180 per day, rent this spacious vehicle and have a better Safari experience.

Mini bus

mini bus hire uganda

A mini bus is a popular car rental option in Uganda due to its comfort ability. Renting a minibus in Uganda is a cost effective option that  carries the biggest number of travelers at friendly rates. Mini bus hire in Uganda is a very convenient option for budget travelers who would like to explore the country at there own pace. A mini bus is a 29 seater vehicle that suits travelers who would like to travel in big groups and explore the beauty of the country. Renting a Mini bus from us will only cost you $180 per day. This price includes the driver’s accommodation and meals. 

Safari Van

safari van hire

A safari Van is a four-wheel drive vehicle, mid-size and customized with  a popup roof for easy spotting of wildlife while in the National parks of Uganda. A Safari van gives a rewarding safari experience as it gives you an opportunity of having a clear  view of nature and taking clear pictures. A safari Van is  an 8 seater vehicle and has enough space for their luggage. This spacious vehicle very well suits budget travelers who are looking forward to exploring Uganda in groups. Get yourself a Safari Van at only  $90 per day including the driver charges. 

Uganda car rental with a rooftop tent

Uganda car rental with rooftop tents is one of the most popular safari car rental options in Uganda as it eases the accommodation. Many travelers have switched to this type of car rental Uganda due to the fact that it eases their planning and it also helps them to save big amounts of money that would go to the bookings of expensive lodges and hotels in Uganda.

 Rooftop tents are attached to the roof of the car, providing a comfortable sleeping space for the travelers interested in exploring the Uganda’s stunning landscapes. Being easy to set up, renting a car with a rooftop tent becomes a perfect choice for adventure seekers looking forward to immersing themselves in the country’s nature

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    How to rent a car for self drive

    safari vehicles

    Are you planning to have a city tour in Kampala, go  for a Uganda safari or  a business trip and you are looking for  the best car rental agency  in the country? Well do no not go any further because Uganda Car Rental Offer has  got your  back covered. Now at only $45 per day, you  can get  yourself a rental car  in Uganda for a self drive. Having a lot of experience in renting cars at  the best  affordable rates, We have added a variety  of rental cars in our fleet. Now the  question comes in- How to  rent a car  for self drive?  Thee  process is very simple  and fast. You  can choose to call us directly or whatsapp  on +256704538374, email  us on or visit our contact page,  fill in the  form  with  relevancy to the fields and then  submit, with in just minutes, our experts will be getting back to you and inform you  about the availability.

    Featured Uganda Car Rental Offer Services

    self drive

    Self Drive car hire

    As Uganda Car Rental Offer, we give you the best cars for self drive in Uganda. Are you planning to have a city tour around Kampala or you wish to for a Uganda Safari in the wilderness of the country? well your wish is our command. Book for a car of your choice and we shall reserve it for you.

    driver hire

    Hire a car +Driver

    The best way to have a stress free and memorable trip is by opting for Uganda car hire with a driver. We have very experienced and expert drivers who are ready to take you through wherever you want. Our drivers a well versed with all destinations in the country and can advise you the best routes to use.

    Prado TX

    Long term car hire

    Our Car Rental for Long Term package comes with big discounts. We have got the best  offers as we give give you a convenient and cost effective car choices affordable rates and 24/customer services. Rent a car from Uganda Car Rental Offer and have  the best experience.

    cross border

    Cross Border car

    Cross Border Car rental Uganda is a very convenient car rental option in Uganda as it gives you the opportunity to explore several countries on a single Safari. Are you planning to start your trip in Uganda, to Rwanda or Kenya and then back to Uganda? We are here to make your wish possible

    Our Best car rental extras

    Our car rental extras are put in place to make you trip more memorable. Imagine renting a car with a baby seat that will ensure the security of you baby during your journey. Or think of having cold drinks whenever you want them even during  long road trips, in fact you will not need to make stop overs for drinks since you have them in your fridge. This will make you trip in Uganda an  interesting story to tell.

    Uganda car rental offer-camping fridge

    Rent a car with a fridge

    Rent a car with a  fridge and have an opportunity of drinking cold  drinks during your camping trip in Uganda’s wilderness. Keep your vegetables and fruits fresh and for more days. A  fridge is available for rent at only $50 per day exclusive of the car rental price.

    Car rental in Uganda with a baby seat

    Give your baby a very comfortable trip when you rent a car with a baby seat. The baby seat will save your baby from having a tiresome and safe journey. Rent a baby seat in Uganda at only $2o per day. 

    Uganda car rental offer-baby seats

    How to rent a car in uganda

    Are you  looking for the easiest and most convenient way to rent a car in Uganda? Uganda car rental offer  has the  best answer for you. Hiring a car from us  is  the most  convenient option we have got for as you just have to visit our contact us page, fill in the relevant information and then press submit. Immediately we receive your message, our experts  will get back to you to inform you about the best car rental Uganda deals. 

    You can also chose to whatsapp us or call directly on +256704538374 and our specialists will be giving you every thing you would like to know about car rental in Uganda before you chose which car rental package you are to take.

    Uganda car rental offer-PPrado TX

    Top 3 ways to get a Discounted Uganda Car rental

    Rent for self drive

    When you opt for cheap self drive car rental Uganda, you will of course have no need to pay for the  driver charges  hence saving the money for something else 

    Book early and deposit 40%

    Book your favorite car from us in advance at cheap costs. This will not only secure your trip to Uganda but also help you save the extra money you would pay for the last hour  Uganda car rental.

    Rent for long term

    Get a discount from us when you rent a car from us for 20+ days. We have  a variety of cars for Long term car rental in Uganda and beyond at the most affordable rates.

    Uganda car rental offer-Prado TX
    Uganda car rental offer-solo travel in Uganda

    Frequently asked questions about Uganda car rental offer

    Can you rent a car and drive to another country?

    Yes, Uganda cross border car rental is very possible provided you have the needed requirements such as your valid travel documents, international driver’s license, yellow card and the vehicle registration details plus the COMESA sticker.

    How do I book a rental car?

    Through our contact form, you can reserve yourself a car of your choice by just filling in the form relevantly i.e mentioning the type of car you want, when you want it and for how long you would like to rent the car. Our experts will be getting back to you as soon as possible.

    What is the lowest age to rent a car in Uganda?

    For anyone to rent a car in Uganda, you should be at least 21 years of age. For anyone to rent a car in Uganda, you should be at least 21 years of age.

    How much is a rental car in Uganda?

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    Can I hire a car in Uganda?

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    How much is car hire per day in Uganda?

    The cost of car  hire per day in Uganda depends on the specific type of car you would like to have. Cars available for Uganda car rental vary in specifications and hence different pricces ranging from $40-$200 per day.

    What are the essential requirements for Uganda car rental?

    Obviously there are some requirements you need to have in order for you to rent a car in Uganda. In case you want to hire a car  for self-drive, as a must you should come along with you national driving permit or international driver’s license, a valid passport and VISA. If you opt for Uganda car rental with a driver, then no need for you to possess a driver’s silence although you will have to provide you valid passport.

    What is the age limit for Uganda car rental?

    In order for you to rent a car in Uganda, you must be between 23 and 70 years old. In brief you have used you’re driving permit for at least two years. This will make us confident that you know how to drive and you are responsible enough for us to trust you with our car.

    How much is self drive in Uganda?

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    Best Cheap Car Rental Rates/prices in Uganda

    Type of car

    Price for Self drive/day

    Car rental with a driver/day

    Safari Land cruiser



    Land cruiser Hardtop



    Land cruiser V8/VX



    Land cruiser GX



    Land cruiser TX/TZ



    Safari Van



    Toyota Rav4



    Saloon car



    Car rental tips in Uganda

    Book in advance

    For better servvices and securing your trip to Uganda, you need to book you desired vehicle in advance such that we reserve it for you. There are more chances of getting disounts in case you book a car months before your date of travel.

    Keep in touch

    You are advised to keep in touch with thhe rental company to confirm your bookings and let them know if any changes are made.

    Request for a spare tire and kit

    When you are booking for a rental car in Uganda, ensure that you request for a spare tyre and kit. Obviously this will help you in case of any simple flat tyre or break down during your trip.

    Familialize yourself with the road rules and regulations

    In case you are looking forward for a Uganda self drive car rental, you should make it a point to read through the rules and regulations that govern road use in Uganda.

    Uganda safaris

    Uganda is a small beautiful country found in the African Great Lakes region.  As a country, Uganda has a lot of amazing creatures one that shouldn’t miss especially when they decide to for a tour. It is one of the best tourism destinations in Africa. Due to its beautiful scenery and the fact that Uganda offers a wide range of activities to its visitors giving them a memorable and an un forgettable experience, Uganda was referred to as The Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill.

    Best places to visit when you are on a Uganda Safari

    Uganda has a lot of beautiful tourism destinations that are worth your visit. These places offer a lot of activities to do depending on the visitors’ desires and they include;

    uganda safari

    What other people talk about us

    Great and easy car rental We rented a Toyota Landcruiser Prado and were very happy with it. Organizing the car rental with Titus and his company couldn’t have been easier, they were very flexible to adjust the dates to our trip and even offered us to drop off the car in Kigali and send someone to drive it back to Entebbe. The car was in very good condition and we didn’t have any issues with it, even on difficult roads. We would definitely rent a car with them the next time we’re in Uganda and recommend them to everyone! Thank you to Charles for the pick up as well, greetings to Maralia!
    Tim B
    Tim B
    good experience in Uganda with rooftop tent We rented a 4x4 vehicle with a rooftop tent from Your Drive Uganda for a 14-day journey through Uganda. Overall, our experience with Your Drive Uganda was satisfactory. Titus was prompt and reliable in his responses. For instance, when we had a flat tire and had to purchase a replacement, we were reimbursed without any complications. The car was acceptable by African standards, and the rooftop tent, while showing signs of use, met our needs. We were provided with a Toyota Prado equipped with a powerful engine, but this also meant it had higher fuel consumption. We traveled during the rainy season, and both the vehicle and tent held up well in the rain. In general, we had a good experience and a great time. We had hoped to visit Rwanda but couldn't due to missing documents. We wish there had been more effort to make it possible and clearer communication since we had inquired beforehand. One tip: The website states a small fridge is included, but it's an extra $5 per day. We didn't use it, and it worked out fine without it.
    Ivo M
    Ivo M
    Everything good 👍 Everything was great 👍 the car looked old, but it was perfect for our safari adventure. Highly recommended. It worked great for 3 national parks in 9 days.
    Ambroos B
    Ambroos B
    Difficult roads which the Land Cruisers helped us navigate We did a trip of 21 days in Uganda and decided to rent a Land Cruiser for 15 of the 21. We drove across the west of the country and saw so many animals. The cars were rugged, even though there were a few hiccups along the way, we got safely everywhere, without much worrying. The camping gear let us always stay in the nature, which made for some beautiful photos.
    Great service, great people, fair price! Six friends and I rented two cars for a period of 20 days for doing safaris in the west of Uganda. We had a very good and pleasant experience over all! We initially rented two Toyota landcruisers of which only one had a pop-up roof. However, since we were having a good contact with Titus (the company owner) and a collegue (Herman), Titus quickly equiped the second car with a pop-up roof as well which was incredibly nice during the safaris!! The cars were in good state, we didn't experience any mechanical problems during our whole trip! Additionally Titus equipped the cars with all required camping gear for the seven of us at a minimal extra cost. I would strongly recommend contacting YourDriveUganda for your next trip to Uganda. A great service for a fair price! ~Kenzie
    Wesley B
    Wesley B
    Good service Titus was very supportive in arranging gorilla permits and a car for our roadtrip. The tent we hired unfortunately was too small for us; I recommend you to check before you leave Entebbe/Kampala. The car bottom was quite low, even lower than typical for a RAV4, recommend to get it fixed higher for safari use. Note that the contract doesn't allow you to drive at night. The car was affordable but also a bit noisy.
    Ben W
    Ben W
    Excellent We’ve used Titus 3-4 times and never had issues. Reliable and convenient collection and drop of vehicle at Entebbe airport, with some local tips from the driver as well!
    There are drivers, there are good drivers and there is Pius; Pius Besigye, the best! From the beginning a good and fast communication about the possibilities that Your Drive Uganda could offer us. Also a quick response on all our questions. We rented a Safari Van for our family of 6 people. With a driver. And then we met the driver; Pius. A good and save driver but above all a beautiful person. And a proud young father. In 17 days he became a member of the family, with his a:dvices, humor, stories, philosophy and many other talents. ( such as golf, eating local food:) ) Pius made our journey to an unforgettable adventure trip through beautiful Uganda.
    Great safari with Charis We booked a Toyota Prado and driver (Charis) with Your Drive Uganda for our epic 14 day adventure in Uganda June 1-15, 2023. After we crossed the border from Rwanda, he picked us up in Lake Mutanda, and from there we went to Bwindi for gorilla trekking, Mburo Lake, Queen Elizabeth park, Kibale for the chimps, Murchison Falls, Ziwa rhino sanctuary and ended in Entebbe for our flight home. Charis was a great driver and guide, expertly navigating the roads, some of which are pretty rough, and he got us where we were going safely. He’s enthusiastic and fun to be around. I’d highly recommend Charis and Your Drive Uganda for your next safari. Unforgettable experience.
    Toyota 4x4 - the best choice to drive around Uganda If you are looking for a budget but reliable option for car rental, you should try 'Your Drive Uganda'. The Toyota 4X4 that we rented did not look fancy but it served the purpose. We traveled from Entebbe until Bwindi, then up to Fort Portal, and then back to Entebbe. Lots of dirt roads and challenging driving situations. During the 10 days trip, we had only a flat tire, nothing else. The company brought the car to our accommodation on day 1 and they also picked it up on the last day.

    Best self drive itineraries in Uganda

    Did you even know how enjoyable it will be when you opt for Uganda car rental for self drive and then navigate through the country’s beautiful destinations  on your own pace? It will indeed be memorable experience since you gain a lot of skills especially when driving through the rough terrains in the national parks. Rent a car from us and we shall help you arrange you itinerary at no cost.

    3 days Murchison falls National Park

    murchison falls

    Murchison Falls National  Park is the largest national park in Uganda located in North Western Uganda. This National Park has a lot of attractions including the  Falls themselves, Para,  Budongo forest and many more. Having a 3 day in Murchison Falls National Park 

    3 day Gorilla trekking Bwindi Impenetrable

    Mountain Gorillas

    Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park is the most popular and expensive tourist activity in the country and Africa at large. A 3 day Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable will  definitely leave you with the best tour experience in the Pearl of Africa.

    5 days Queen Elizabeth National Park


    Queen Elizabeth was named after the visiting of Queen Elizabeth of The United Kingdom in 1954. The park is one of the most popular and most visited national parks in Uganda with a variety of attractions such as tree climbing lions which make the park a unique one. 

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